Consider the Lobster – Cartoons without Context

In my many years of working as an illustrator, I drew a lot of spot illustrations to accompany stories in various newspapers and magazines. Many last minute calls came from art directors on a tight deadline, who knew exactly what image they wanted. Many were looking for me to come up with the concepts.

It was a fun gig, developing concepts and images that could play off the content of some story (often political), cranking out a finished piece, and sending it out via email, knowing it would be going to press the next day or the next week.

I did a lot of illustrations (good and bad), for publications (good and bad), over a long stretch of road, and ended up with boxes of this stuff. Some I’ve trashed, some I’ve kept, but many of the illustrations are hard to even remember drawing – never mind trying to remember what the story was that I was illustrating. It’s possible that they might be more interesting if I could remember the stories, but I doubt it.

When I ran across this one the other day, I thought, “what reason could I have had to draw a terrorist and a bunch of lobsters?

I haven’t the slightest idea.

I’ll probably post more of these as I find them…